Angela Friedman lingerie

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New silk lingerie gift sets by Angela Friedman!  This is the blue silk and lace set, featuring a crinkle chiffon boyshort with soft elastic waist and a silk sleep mask with lace overlay.

Giving gifts to your lady friends just got a whole lot easier!


The Real Value of Luxury Lingerie

Ordering special pieces from independents really adds to their value. Knowing something was made just for you, or was manufactured ethically from a small studio, adds a story to these pieces. These small studios are reviving lace production in their countries, using rare vintage laces and fabrics, or are making lovelies in expanded sizes…


Angela Friedman A/W 2014

New bodysuit by Angela Friedman lingerie.  I am so excited about this brand new style!  (photography by Erik Garcia.)


Wedding dress, mid-1890’s
From the collection of Alexandra Vassiliev


There’s nothing in the world quite like the feel of 100% silk crepe satin… Soft and supple, decadent and weighty, pure luxury.  (Angela Friedman lingerie.)

Wish list.

There’s only one left, and it’s on sale!  <3

Angela Friedman | “Adrienne” garter panty | FW2014 Collection | Photo Lydia Hudgens
I can’t get enough of these photos of Arden Leigh by 702 Studios.  Lingerie and robe by Angela Friedman.  <3<3

Angela Friedman A/W 2014